Navgard™ (BNWAS) Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System by Martek Marine

Published: 04th November 2011
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BNWAS is a Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System that monitors bridge activity and detects operator disability to avoid possible marine accidents. The system monitors awareness of the Officer On the Watch (OOW) and alerts the Master or other qualified person, in case the OOW is for some reason incapable of performing his duty. The alarm system works by a series of indications and alarms to alert the OOW, but if he does not respond then it alerts the next officer in charge. Additionally, the BNWAS also provide the OOW, the feature of calling for immediate assistance.

It is mandatory to install BNWAS on all new and existing ships. The World's No.1 BNWAS is designed by Martek Marine under the brand name Navgard™. Navgard™ is the world’s first and only BNWAS approved by all major classification societies. Navgard™ (BNWAS) is specifically designed to comply with SOLAS Regulation V/19 as amended by MSC.282 (86). This system also meets the performance requirements of the standards set out by MSC.128 (75) & IEC 62616.

Navgard™ can either comprise of a bulkhead-mounted or console mounted control panel with an onboard PIR (Passive Infra-Red) movement detector. The system is so designed to be modular that it can accommodate any bridge size and layout. This system has features like additional PIR’s and /or manual for inside the bridge and weatherproof versions for the bridge wings as well.

The system is also available with just manual reset functionality rather than PIRs to meet with LR Type Approval requirements especially for vessels under Lloyd’s Register classification.
Navgard™ (BNWAS) is approved by the following Classification Societies:

• Bureau Veritas
• China Classification Society
• ClassNK
• Croatian Register of Shipping
• Germanischer Lloyd
• Indian Register
• Korean Register
• Lloyd's Register
• Polish Register of Shipping
• Russian Register

With all these features, you may believe that the Navgard™ may be difficult or complex to install. Well, the fact is that we guarantee you that the Navgard™ (BNWAS) is the simplest and the quickest to install, so much so, that should you disagree, you can return your system to us for a full refund.

You neither need any expertise nor any special tools to install. It is specifically designed to be installed by anyone. The system comes with all the cable, cable glands, screws and fixings to enable you to install the system straight out of the box, so you do not need to order any additional materials nor incur any hidden costs.

Navgard™ is certified in line with the new 2010 IEC 62616 International Performance Standard for Maritime Navigation and Radio communication equipment and systems – Bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS).
You may risk the safety of your ship or involve rejection from authorities by choosing systems that do not specifically confirm to the IEC 62616.

Navgard™ uses unique Type Approved dual technology infra-red & microwave motion sensors that prevent false reset by air-conditioning systems or moving objects on the bridge.
The Advanced Digital Temperature compensation of the Navgard™ Motions sensors provides automatic sensitivity adjustment. This feature allows the Navgard™ Motion sensors to detect range and reset function even if the bridge temperature is almost equal to body temperature.
An integral PIR detector enables confirmation of an active navigation watch during normal watch keeping operations to avoid watch keeper disruption or nuisance.

An SD card available with the Navgard™ allows you to log all alarm event data in real time and this offers you a permanent record of bridge activity. In the event of an unfortunate incident on any of your ship, you can access the alarm and event data from the SD card in your system. This will facilitate you to know what exactly happened on the ship’s bridge at the time of the incident and you could even use it as crucial evidence in an accident investigation for the authorities.

Martek Marine Navgard™ (BNWAS) also provides the vital RS485 serial communications for connection to your VDR to give you the highest possible degree of alarm/event logging and data security.

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